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Artfly is an online art gallery hosted and curated by Barfly.

Ιt presents projects by artists from diverse backgrounds without any restriction or intervention on their artistic content or expression.

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December 26 ~ 2021


Denis Forkas Kostromitin (1977, Russia) explores mythology and religious symbolism through the ancient Mediterranean tradition of conveying images. The synthesis of tradition and innovation forms an intricate framework for the artist's studies of dreams and philosophy. Forkas's paintings have been exhibited around the globe and featured in numerous international music releases as album covers. The artist currently resides in Moscow.




November 21 ~ 2021


The Russian photographer Oleg Dou exhibited his work for the first time when he was 23 at the Le Simoun Gallery in Paris. In 2007 he received the International Photography Award and the International Color Award. In his work, the border between painting and photography disappears. His work presents creatures that look like porcelain without life. Each portrait, digitally retouched, transmits a hermeticism that forces the spectator to look past the softly polished skin of his models. Lover of Japanese minimalism, Dou knows how to generate atmospheres of high visual tension. Galeria Senda


October 31th 2021


Created in a laboratory, experimental specimen and escapee, Viktoria Matthews, is a female Earth creature primate wandering the metascape. She observes and can be observed by her markings and sounds.

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