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Artfly is an online art gallery hosted and curated by Barfly.

Ιt presents projects by artists from diverse backgrounds without any restriction or intervention on their artistic content or expression.

July 17 ~ 2023

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Meni Seiridou

“Land of gods” has as its point of reference Pieria, Greece, which is widely known as the residence of the gods of Olympus and carries the weight of its myth on its backs, while trying to find its footing in the difficult times we are going through...more



June 5 ~ 2023

Katzioura Magdalene
I am a visual artist and photographer currently working in Greece. I'm mostly drawn to an anthropocentric point of view, whatever I consider unorthodox, influenced deeply by archetypes and subtle symbolism. Throughout my images, I try to focus on detachment from one’s subjective self identity by examining and addressing the universal denial of important societal troubles and to highlight the courage of maintaining integrity while bearing darkness in a metaphysical and emotional sense. I use a mix of digital & analog equipment.


May 21 ~ 2023


Zoe Manta is born and raised in Athens, Greece, currently based in Berlin and Athens. She has a degree in Film Studies and mainly works as a Director of Photography. Her love for experimenting with the visual language though, has led her to be part of various creative journeys across Europe and Turkey, in fields from theoretical research to stop motion filmmaking and video art. She’s dedicated in creating and capturing imagery that displays beauty in any of its different, mysterious perspectives. Through her work in photography she explores intimacy and vulnerability, the connection between us humans, our ties with our environment (urban or nature) and the relation of form and color with emotions and poetry.



December 26 ~ 2021


Denis Forkas Kostromitin (1977, Russia) explores mythology and religious symbolism through the ancient Mediterranean tradition of conveying images. The synthesis of tradition and innovation forms an intricate framework for the artist's studies of dreams and philosophy. Forkas's paintings have been exhibited around the globe and featured in numerous international music releases as album covers. The artist currently resides in Moscow.