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Zhang Xiao

Born in 1981 in Yantai city, Shandong province, China, Zhang Xiao graduated from the Department of Architecture and Design at Yantai University in 2005. Before becoming a photography artist n 2009, he was a photojournalist for Chongqing Morning Post. Zhang won the Three Shadows Photography Award in 2010 with They series. He also received the second Hou Dengke Documentary Photography Award in 2009.


Xuebing Du

Photographer based in Cupertino, and born in China. My artistic productions focus on diverse elements of the natural world: deserts, gardens, and most frequently, plants and flowers. I explore the beauty of nature by emphasizing texture, light, and color.


Camille Mariet

is a photographer based in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Referencing Old Hollywood cinema, midcentury advertising, and psychology theory she creates meticulously-crafted, film-like tableaus that feature emotive uses of color and elaborate sets built by herself from the ground-up.


Gundula Blumi

is a visual artist based in Berlin who tries to explore the space between fantasy and reality. For this she plays with  the medium of photography. Her pictures are created by the interaction of photography, special lights and prismatic lenses, water and colour. She works both analog and digital.