Christy Lee Rogers

"My purpose behind the work is to question and find understanding in the craziness, tragedy, vulnerability, beauty and power of mankind." CLR


Lily Zoumpouli

My work’s theme is self-documentation.
I photograph /video my life, the environment I am in and the people I share it with at certain times when I feel that this moment needs to be captured.


Gustavo Torres

[Kidmograph] is an art director, motion designer and illustrator from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He works in music videos, live visual packages, look books and everything art related.


Kyriakos Frantzides

(Schei ße) (b. 1985) is a self-taught artist, and trans man, based in Athens, Greece.

Laura Berger

I'm interested in and inspired by rituals, symbols, nature, dreams, travel, our quest for self-development and freedom, and how we piece things together to create personal meaning and a sense of belonging to the greater whole.


Monty Kaplan

My photography deals mostly with the concept of change and transformation. As a result my preferred times to work are usually when a day is either beginning or ending, as I can never get tired of seeing that gorgeous light change, and how it is unique everyday.

Kristen Liu-Wong

is a Los Angeles- based artist from San Francisco who studied Illustration at Pratt Institute.
she explores themes of violence, aggression, death and "the resulting chaos that can come with all of those human impulses," according to Kristen.


Parker Day

Influenced by comic book and advertising aesthetics, Day uses kitsch and nostalgia as a foundation of familiarity to build upon. Growing up in her dad’s comic book store,  it was covers by R. Crumb and Charles Burns that most captured her young imagination. Never daring to read these forbidden adult comics, she’d instead invent stories about the colorful characters found on their covers. Day sees her portrait subjects in much the same way; filled with power and mystery.


Olivia Locher

was born in 1990 in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. She has resided in Manhattan, NYC since 2009. Locher is known for her sarcastic approach to studio photography with a heavy focus on color and concept. Her photographs are grounded in dreamlands and consciousness, while Olivia herself is generally dreaming. 


Klaus Kremmerz

is an illustrator who has familiarised himself with a style, a tool and a subject to create incredibly detailed illustrations with a coating of nostalgia.