Art within art 


ARTFLY is an online art gallery hosted and curated by Barfly.

Every two weeks it presents projects by artists from diverse backgrounds without any restriction or intervention on their artistic content or expression. Artfly is strongly against any discrimination based on - but not restricted to - gender, sexual orientation, age, ethnic origin, language, religion, race, class, education or economic status. We welcome applications from any artists that share these values.


All works of art will be uploaded and shared on the ARTFLY section of our website as well as on our Facebook page, our Twitter account and our Tumblr account which hosts a permanent gallery with all artists that have exhibited their work with us.

ARTist info requirements


| Artist's name or alias


| Short statement about yourself and/or bio


| Contact details (phone, email, fb/twitter account link)

PORTFOLIo requirements


| Exhibition or artwork title (if any)

| Short description of the concept of your work

| At least 5 images of your work (jpeg format, <5 MB each)

Please send complete applications to: (images as attachments).


In case you are selected you will be properly and timely notified through email.



All submissions are copyright protected.

Artfly is committed to protecting the privacy of the artists. All information artists share with us will not be used for commercial purposes.

As a non-profit collective, Artfly does not require or expect from the artists any remuneration, fees or any other financial transactions - and vice versa.

Anyone interested in the artworks exhibited by ARTFLY should communicate directly with the artist(s) who will provide contact details or any other information at their discretion.
All artists applying and/or exhibiting their work at the ARTFLY online gallery agree and declare that the work they submit belongs to them as per the relevant Intellectual Property legislation of their country and internationally. In cases where they submit part of - or refer to - another artist’s work, they should have obtained the other artist’s permission and give all due credit to them explicitly.

All projects and artwork hosted and curated by ARTFLY are therefore copyright of their creators under the terms mentioned above.

All artists are entitled to delete at any time any work exhibited at ARTFLY galleries and withdraw any archived material that belongs to them from all Barfly and Artfly platforms.

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